Welcome To My Natural Health Centre

The Natural Health Centre is an Ayurveda health care center providing traditional Ayurvedic therapies in a matchless therapeutic ambience, clean and beautifully decorated interiors and an team of experienced Ayurvedic doctors, practioners, masseurs and therapists. Ayurvedic treatments relaxes and rejuvenates by detoxifying the body. Regular treatment results in physiological and psychological well being. The natural ingredients used in the treatments result in increase of immunity and have no side effects. Ayurvedic Beauty Care packages are the best way to get a perfect complexion and a firm and healthy body. It is no wonder that women are increasingly relying on Ayurveda to maintain and enhance their looks.

This site will offer a general overview and introduction to some of the therapies available; however, you may require guidance in choosing the right therapy for you. In this event please call or email for confidential advice.

A free 15 minute initial consultation with no obligation is offered to all. The experienced therapists at the Centre are registered with their appropriate Governing body and work to a high professional standard.

You may be visiting this site looking for a therapy to help with a specific problem, or even to build complementary therapies into your lifestyle and well-being.

Health supplements and products.

The Natural Health Centre offers a selection of high quality Natural Health Care and nutritional products, including vitamin and mineral supplements, herbal supplements, Chinese herbal remedies, homeopathic's, pain management products, postural and bodywork aides. We can also offer some health books and relaxation, meditation CD's. 

Wellness Programs 



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